New Copper-Impregnated, Ultra-Fine Grain EDM Graphite Ideal for Severe EDM Applications and Difficult Alloys

St. Marys, PA – June 26, 2014 – Mersen USA introduces DS4C, a new copper-impregnated EDM graphite material. DS4C is created utilizing DarkStar, the company's proven micro-grain technology. The new DS4C provides ultra-low electrical resistivity, ultra-high thermal conductivity and improves machinability thereby enhancing ultra-fine detail.  In addition, EDM process stability is improved when EDM is required on difficult alloys or carbides. Mersen's process control has eliminated many of the previous problems associated with copper-impregnated EDM grades, such as dry centers or low copper pick up.

Mersen, the largest producer of specialty iso-molded graphite in North America, has incorporated its exclusive DarkStar particle technology in developing DS4C. DarkStar is an innovative solid and liquid carbon particle designed for the most demanding EDM applications. Mersen's DS4 graphite, also featuring DarkStar, is a proven ultra-fine grain material providing excellent surface finish and intricate detail along with its ease of machining and exceptional strength. 

Mersen is stocking DS4C to eliminate the lead time normally experienced when purchasing ultra-fine grain copper-impregnated EDM material.

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Learn more about DS4C and the rest of Mersen's EDM graphite line by visiting us at IMTS booth E-5129.


About Mersen:

Mersen USA – St. Marys, PA Corp. a division of Mersen USA, is located in St. Marys, PA.   Previously known as Carbone and Stackpole, has more than 50 years of world-class isostatic graphite manufacturing history. Mersen offers a complete line of EDM graphite grades to address applications from roughing to ultra-fine finishing.

Mersen Group, an EN 16001 certified company, is a global expert in materials and equipment for extreme environments and for the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.  The group develops innovative  solutions geared to the needs of its customers in order to optimize their industrial performance in expanding sectors, including energy, transportation, electronics, chemical/pharmaceuticals and process industries.

With over 7,000 employees in 60 production facilities  across 40 countries, Mersen is a world leader in the production of graphite, anticorrosion equipment, power semiconductor fuses and brushes for electric rotating machines, with a strong hold on the market of fuses and isostatic graphite production.


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