Carbone Lorraine is now Mersen

During the 20 May AGM, shareholders voted for the proposal to change the Group’s name to Mersen. The Group is adopting a new name and identity to represent its new profile.

The Group has been pursuing a strategy based on four growth drivers, i.e. sustainable development, Asia, selective acquisitions and innovation.

This strategy is predicated on an international industrial and commercial network that has recently been bolstered by new plants employing the latest technologies.

At the heart of this transformation, the Group’s teams have strengthened their culture of expertise and developed dedicated solutions to stay even more closely in touch with their customers’ needs.

This name change will thus focus teams’ energy on a common project. It will also help Mersen to pursue its aim of being recognized as a leading industrial player in all its markets (energy, transportation, electronics, chemicals/pharmaceuticals and process industries) and particularly in alternative energies.

Our new corporate identity is rooted in its historical values: Mersen has expertise, curiosity and an ability to innovate as its dominant genes, and a human touch, reliability, a local approach right around the world and responsibility as its core values.

According to Ernest Totino, “Mersen materializes the corporate project of a Group firmly on course to become a key player in sustainable development. This name change is not an end in itself, but part of a highly motivating and galvanizing corporate project that aims to fashion a new identity predicated on one mission, one goal, a clear vision and shared values. I firmly believe that it will create value for our employees, our customers and our shareholders."